This Christmas, I had the pleasure of experiencing the famous Christmas market in Munich.  Although the market sold all sorts of Christmas trinkets, I was more interested in the food: and what an array of food they offered!  I spent two days in Munich munching my way through the market: roasted candied nuts, roasted chestnuts, baked apples, baked pretzels, cheese-covered baked pretzels, chocolate-covered fruits, and Glühwein.  My Italian friend remarked, “no wonder the Germans are fatter than the Italians.”

Glühwein is heated red wine spiced with cinnamon sticks, vanilla beans, cloves and sugar.

Just a few pictures to share…


chocolate-covered bananas

chocolate-covered and candied apples

baked stuffed apples

And, of course, a report on German coffee: watery and light, it’s much more similar to American coffee, and not like the espresso Italians and Spaniards drink.  At a café we visited, they served it with whipped cream, regular cream, and sugar.  ñam ñam

Last but not least, “apfelstrudel” served in a vanilla cream sauce.  🙂