Hi! My name is Christina and I’m happy to have you here, visiting this space.

In August 2010, I returned to Chicago after a year in Madrid and the summer in Mexico, completing an MA in Spanish Language & Linguistics from Middlebury College. This blog was originally started to explore Spanish food culture from a pescatarian’s perspective. It evolved to include explorations of gastronomy in other European countries, and later Mexico, and now Chicago. Now that I’m permanently back in the U.S. I’ll be taking this blog in another direction, guided by these eating principles:

1. Pescatarian for thirteen years!
2. Deeply interested the local foods movement; opposed to the monoculture of corn and soybeans and the industrialized food system.
3. A preference for Mediterranean food and flavors (my family’s Italian heritage and my experience in Spain are the likely contributors towards that).

That’s essentially my eating style in a nutshell — and that’s what this blog will reflect.

In front of El Acueducto in Segovia, Spain.


1 thought on “About”

  1. Gina Marie said:

    You haven’t updated since Oct 2010. Your people demand updates lol

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